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Rail, Infrastructure and Power projects

Business Development in Scandinavia & the Baltic region

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What we do​

"Bridging the gap between market and contractors"

​Entering new markets (particularly in project business) is not easy.

Even with the right solutions & competencies, it will also need an excellent business development capability. 

To be successful it is necessary to enter the market fast, at low cost. Achieve high hit ratio on tenders. Reduce risk through valuable partnerships and develop the right strategic market position for long term growth and profit.

Since 2009, BIRK consulting resolves this important piece of the puzzle called "business Development

We make it possible for international contractors to participate in large-scale infrastructure projects (rail, power, Infrastructure) and further, to establish in Scandinavia for a long term market commitment

Regional Focus:

Scandinavia and the Baltic region.

Logic response to the market size and growth as well as the regional lack of contractors who can execute large scale projects.  

Industrial Focus

Transportation Infrastructure and Power projects.

Business Focus:

Large scale projects (+ € 30 mill.)

Projects that supports a shift toward a green economy. 

Project Examples:

* Rail electrification projects for CO2 emission reductions. 

* LRT & Metro projects to promote public (and car-free) transportation

* Wind farms for renewable energy

*Power sub stations for rail electrification 

*Rail maintenance frame contracts to maintain high service level and acceptance of public transportation

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"Focus on growth markets with clear market drivers"

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Rail / Urban / Power

Market Drivers

  • Population and urban Growth -> Demand for urban transit solutions

  • CO2 emission reductions -> investments in public transportation, electrify and green energy

  • Solid public funding

Rail opportunities:

Yearly investments of € 3.5 Bn.

Over the next 15 years the intercity rail network will be upgraded - 270 km of new and modified rail line.  Focus on track & catenary projects

Power opportunities:

pipeline of more than € 400 m. /year for power stations and rail power related transmission



"This is where we add value"

From project identification, procurement, sales and teaming activities to strategic market development.

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Markets & Projects

Accelerate Market Entry?

Existing market and customer access

Understand local culture and project specific requirements

Identify and focus on the "right" projects

Prioritize and proper segmentation

Activities that requires experience, presence, technical affinity and market  knowledge


BIRK Consulting work with leading international contractors in their respective fields.
From mechanical track renewal to maintenance frame contracts, and special projects covering power sub-stations, catenary and tunnel electro/mechanical equipment projects

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European leading supplier of rail machines

International Contractor for

rail projects & maintenance

frame contracts


International contractor for power, catenary & track solutions

BIRK Consulting GmbH

Contact for 

Denmark, Sweden & Baltics:

Bo Birk Pedersen

Tel.: +45 21 89 52 05  


Christian Berg

Tel.: +47 40 55 69 25

Office Austria:

Campus V

Hintere Achmühlerstraße 1.

6500 Dornbirn - Austria

Post adr. and Registered at:

Schützen 35 - 6934 Sulzberg - Austria


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